Relationship Therapy English

Looking for a professional relationship therapist? I am Renée, a certified relationship therapist, located in Eindhoven. I offer relationship therapy for expat in English. I am specialized in rekindling relationships and rebuild them with evidenced based methods, affairs, Pre Marital, LGBTQ+, Blended families, Traditional relationships, Modern relationships.

Building a sound relationship house

I believe in Love and it is my mission to help couples improve their relationship on all kinds of levels and subjects. I offer couples therapy based on the principles of (re)building sound relationships, creating shared meaning and renewed friendship between partners. Together we’ll explore every corner of your relationship and start (re)building layer by layer. Our aim is your relationship 2.0 so that you can feel loved, seen, heard and overall happy again.

Discover how you connect emotionally

Maybe you’ve felt less connected to your partner lately and you feel you’ve lost each other as true partners. You do not wish to be only each others house mates or just the managers of your family. You long to be lovers and best friends too. A solid team of two, able to deal with life’s challenges and celebrate the beauty and gift of a life together.

You would love to experience more satisfaction, more peace, more positivity, more fun, more sex and basically more love in your relationship. But you’re not quite sure hów to do this and it seems that you and your partner keep having the same sort of arguments that’s keeping you in a negative kind of dance. Going round and round.

Can relationship therapy save a relationship?

You still love each other and yet it feels like something has gone missing. Don’t despair; couples who’ve been together for some years, often experience the same. Still, feeling a bit empty or unsatisfied is a clear sign that your relationship is sliding downhill. You can use this red flag to change the direction your relationship seems to be going and start turning things around. Seeking help from a relationship therapist will definitely help you learn how to change the course of your relationship for the better.

How can I strengthen my relationship?

A good question and one I can definitely help you with. First we’ll schedule an intake with the both of you present. We’ll explore what needs to be repaired and I will design a personal program for you to reach your shared goals and needs. From there on, we’ll meet on a regular basis and work together on your program and evaluate your progress. At home you’ll continue your work with special designed ‘home assignments’. This method will help you improve and strengthen your relationship.

If you prefer to work on your relationship or your patterns, triggers, fears, hopes etc. without your partner present; don’t hesitate to contact me for 1 on 1 coaching is definitely possible and highly effective.

I love working with open minded and curious couples/individuals.

The best way to take care of the care of the future, is to take care of the present

Thich Nhat Hanh

Ready to invest in a happy future together?

You can schedule a first session within 2-4 weeks. My rate effective July 1st 2023 per session (90 min): 115,- ex 21% VAT. Occasional Individual therapy within a couples therapy program is possible. Individual clients (without a partner joining the sessions) the session (60 min) rate is: 105,- ex. 21% VAT.

Tip: some employers are willing to take care of (part of the) relationship therapy costs (especially when your home situation influences your work). You can ask your company about their company policy.